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Meet Your Instructor

Farrah Qureshi is the CEO of Global Diversity Practice and is globally recognised as one of the foremost experts on diversity and inclusion consultancy and training. After an illustrious career spanning academia, local and national government, global consulting and as a successful business leader, Farrah founded Global Diversity Practice. Farrah synthesizes 28 years of experience to pioneer global learning and consultancy solutions to combat Western-centric approaches that were not relevant for global audiences, geographies and marketplaces.  Her unique style of powerful messages with inspirational and personal storytelling help her to galvanize others in fully embracing and optimizing the inclusion imperative.

Founded in 2009, GDP pioneered a new approach to business and management consultancy based on embedding principles of diversity and inclusion across organisations, impacting every business division and department.

Our belief is that when every person involved with an organisation feels engaged and valued as part of that team, that organisation unleashes unleashes the tremendous power of inclusion. 

We provide a suite of learning, consultancy and digital solutions to transform your business performance through DE&I.

These include:

  • Learning – Our skilled, expert facilitators help to inspire leaders to accelerate and champion inclusion. 
  • Consultancy – Our consultancy is tailored specifically to your company and focuses on your most valuable asset (your workforce.)
  • Digital solutions – We build impactful digital content to create a measurable shift in awareness using the latest tools and technologies.
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Meet the Digital Team

Waseem Ilyas

Head of Digital

Rebecca Iveson

eLearning Project Manager


Corey Ashley

Digital eLearning Assistant

Mackenzie Barraclough

Digital eLearning Assistant

What our clients say about us

For me, this has been one of the easiest projects of all time. We want to thank you for all your very great work.
Gabby Tschofen
Head of D&I - Barry Callebaut
Inspirational, exceptional, excellent, beyond what I could have thought we would get and a full sign off from me.
Will Rattigan
Associate Director, Learning & Development - King
Farrah’s innovative thinking, research and ability to create global diversity best practices and solutions is a huge asset. We cherish her enthusiasm, commitment and high customer centricity showcased by her and her team in day to day interactions.
Louella Eastman
Group HR Director - Aviva
Inclusive hiring training went great! We've received positive feedback and have had over 70 managers complete the training.

Jessica Hoskin
People Advisor - Samsung