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Frequently Asked Questions

All our courses are built to support mobile, tablet, laptop & PC devices as well as all available internet browsers.

Each of our courses has a combination of narration and/or video content throughout, so we recommend that you use speakers or headphones. However, if you have any hearing impairment, or cannot access speakers or headphones, closed captions and transcripts are available.

Click here to view a step-by-step instruction guide.

Yes. Each of our courses have been designed to be fully interactive and include various interactive activities and video content to keep your learning experience, fresh & engaging.

Our course length varies, certain modules are designed to be taken in 10 minutes, while others can take approximately 30 minutes. The details of each course can be found on their respective pages.

Each course will track your progress along the way, and once you have reached the end you will be rewarded with a Certificate of Completion that you can print out for yourself or share to others online.

The language around diversity, equity and inclusion is constantly evolving. Terms which are considered socially inclusive and acceptable in some geographies are not considered so in others (e.g. people / persons of color). Acronyms are also evolving, or falling into and out of general usage (e.g. PWD, LGBT, BAME).

Our intention behind selecting the terminology we have is to make our courses applicable to the broadest range of people possible. This means that in some places, we may use terminology that may no longer be considered the most current and socially inclusive way of referring to a concept or group, for the sake of simplicity and ease of understanding, particularly for people from geographies where English may not be their predominant or primary language (e.g. our use of ‘ethnic minorities’ over ‘minoritised people’ or ‘BIPOC’).

We continue to review and refine our modules on an ongoing basis, and would welcome your feedback in case you find examples of terminology which has fallen beyond the scope of inclusivity.

Your progress will be saved along the way so you can take breaks between sessions. You will be able to close the training at any point and continue from where you left off at a later time.

To access your certificate, please click the ‘my account’ button where you will find a record of any certificates you have achieved. You will also see a ‘download certificate’ button on the course page after completing the course which you can use to download and print your certificate.

Yes, you will be able to revisit any section of a course you have completed if you wish to do so.

We currently plan to develop and release a couple of new courses every few months. We are always looking to improve what learning experiences we provide to our customers, and as such, the variety of different subject matter we offer will constantly improve. If you have any suggestions of courses you would like to see, please let us know.

If you email with your query or issue, a member of our digital team will get back to you.