Identifying and Addressing DEI Backlash – Micro Module


Join Farrah Qureshi as she addresses the backlash to DEI in this short video series. Learn to navigate resistance, counter ‘wokeness’ accusations, and drive genuine change. Become a leader who transforms setbacks into opportunities.





In this transformative micro module, you’ll explore the evolving landscape of DEI, from understanding resistance and backlash to navigating the complex conversations surrounding ‘wokeness.’

Spread across 7 videos, Farrah delves into the multi-faceted challenges faced by leaders and organisations when it comes to DEI. Learn to anticipate, address, and engage with opposition, and discover strategies for promoting positive narratives and systemic change.

Embrace the power of inclusivity, respect, and opportunity as you work towards a future where DEI isn’t just a policy but a fundamental part of your organisation’s fabric.


  • How has the perception of DEI evolved, and what challenges does it face?
  • Why is there often resistance to DEI initiatives?
  • How does resistance to DEI initiatives manifest in organisations?
  • How has the reach of DEI discussions expanded beyond the workplace?
  • Is resistance to DEI initiatives expected, and how should organisations prepare for it?
  • Why is challenging and changing the system crucial in the DEI journey?
  • Are moments of resistance and setbacks in DEI efforts setbacks or opportunities?

About Farrah

Farrah Qureshi, CEO and Founder of Global Diversity Practice, is recognized as one of the foremost experts, thinkers and practitioners on global diversity and inclusion consultancy and training. After an illustrious career spanning academia, local and national government, global consulting and as a successful business leader, Farrah founded Global Diversity Practice. Farrah synthesizes 28 years of experience to pioneer global learning and consultancy solutions to combat Western-centric approaches that were not relevant for global audiences, geographies and marketplaces. Her footprint extends to clients and participants from 160+ countries, comprised of many Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies, who are provided with clear pathways to achieve best in class solutions with measurable outcomes. Farrah aligns her outputs to Organisational Transformation, Leadership Behaviours, Culture Change and Behavioural Economics, combining each with a strategic business focus. She specializes in building the capacity and confidence of Boards and C-Suite. Farrah is a regular keynote speaker and inspires global audiences across a range of sectors. Her unique style of powerful messages with inspirational and personal storytelling help her to galvanize others in fully embracing and optimizing the inclusion imperative.


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